Digging Deeper into K-12 Geography Achievement and Why It Matters: A NAEP Data Workshop

One of the most powerful sources of data for understanding student achievement is the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) program. Although many people know about NAEP through media coverage of its reports on the status of K-12 education, the program also offers an array of practical tools and resources that put assessment data into…
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Recent News

Summer Series on questions of Geoethics and Human Rights highlighted by COVID-19 Conditions

Introduction By Coline Dony and Emily Fekete This series developed from discussions that took place at the AAG’s Virtual Annual Meeting, April 6-10, 2020, during publicly available panels of the breaking theme “Geographers Respond to COVID-19”. The panels were set up by AAG specialty groups and their chairs who wanted to initiate discussions about the…
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Annual Meeting

‘Locating Geography Education’ — Sarah Bednarz’s Past President’s Address

AAG Past President Sarah Witham Bednarz will explore the evolving role, nature, and relevance of geography education as viewed by former presidents of the AAG from 1910 to the present. AAG presidential addresses have, at times, commented directly on education issues; at other times the topic has been avoided, if not ignored. What changes have occurred over…
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New findings released on master’s-level education

 Learning from International Practice (LFIP) has just released the results of its recent research on the "Taught Postgraduate Student Experience."  The project aims to explore the defining attributes of master's-level study across a range of disciplines and regional contexts. Final outputs of the project include a discussion paper entitled "What Is Masterness?"; 25 international case…
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NSF Awards Grant to AAG for Learning Progressions Research

The National Science Foundation, through its Education and Human Resources Core Research program (Award DRL-1347859), has awarded a $292,491 grant to the Association of American Geographers (AAG) for a project designed to build capacity for conducting research on learning progressions in geography. Dr. Michael Solem (AAG) will direct the project with co-investigators Dr. Niem Tu…
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