AAG Snapshot: AAG Journals

The AAG publishes four scholarly journals - Annals of the AAG, The Professional Geographer, The AAG Review of Books, and GeoHumanities. Each year a total of 16 issues spread among the four journals is produced with the help of AAG Publications Director Jennifer Cassidento. The AAG scholarly journals range from long-standing and distinguished titles to…
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Association News

AAG Announces New Journal Editors, Thanks Leaving Editors

The AAG welcomes two new editors to take the positions of Cartography Editor for the AAG Journals (Annals, The Professional Geographer, and GeoHumanities) and the Methods, Models, and GIS Editor for the Annals of the AAG starting January 1, 2018. Stephen Hanna will be taking over for Cartography Editor Thomas Hodler while Ling Bian will…
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