Jobs & Careers in Geography

New AAG Brochure Informs, Inspires Students About Geography Jobs

The new AAG Jobs and Careers in Geography brochure is geared toward recruiting both upper-level high school and undergraduate college students to geography courses, geography majors, and possible careers in geography. The six-panel, color brochure is designed to speak directly to students, with lively graphics portraying young people engaged in the exciting and socially meaningful…
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Spotlight profile: Yusuf Adamu, geographer and poet

Yusuf Adamu epitomizes the multidisciplinary tradition of geography. An associate professor of geography and head of the Strategic Planning Unit of Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria, he is also a bilingual novelist and poet who has published works in the Hausa and English languages. A 2011 interview withSentinel Nigeria reveals how Adamu's training as a medical…
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Spotlight profile: Geliah Gloria, Research Assistant, Integrated Coastal Resources Management Program

In an interview for Filipino Geographers, Geliah Gloria discusses her experiences as a geography student, environmental researcher, and guardian of the Philippine coasts. At the time of her interview (2011), she worked as a Research Assistant with the Integrated Coastal Resources Management Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and was preparing to begin…
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