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the-pg-cover-2017The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 70, Issue 1 (February 2018) of The Professional Geographer is now available.

The focus of The Professional Geographer is on short articles in academic or applied geography, emphasizing empirical studies and methodologies. These features may range in content and approach from rigorously analytic to broadly philosophical or prescriptive. The journal provides a forum for new ideas and alternative viewpoints.

Each issue, the Editor chooses one article to make freely available. In this issue you can read The Geography of Malnutrition by Ty Beal & Daniel Ervin for free for the next 3 months.

AAG members receive online access to all past and current issues of The Professional Geographer go to the Members Only page and log in using your AAG member ID and password, then choose Publications on the top menu and navigate to the AAG Journals page.

If you are not an AAG member and would like to be, join here. Please direct questions regarding the Professional Geographer to profgeog [at] aag [dot] org.

Table of Contents for Volume 70, Issue 1

Pathways and Processes: Reviewing the Role of Young Adults in Urban Structure by Nick Revington

Flexible Spatial Multilevel Modeling of Neighborhood Satisfaction in Beijing by Jing Ma, Yu Chen & Guanpeng Dong

“A Newcomer” versus “First Mover”: Retail Location Strategy for Differentiation by Jinhyung Lee & Youngho Kim

Spatial Patterns of Larceny and Aggravated Assault in Miami–Dade County, 2007–2015 by Ryan J. Bunting, Oliver Yang Chang, Christopher Cowen, Richard Hankins, Staci Langston, Alexander Warner, Xiaxia Yang, Eric R. Louderback, and Shouraseni Sen Roy

Editor’s Choice: The Geography of Malnutrition by Ty Beal & Daniel Ervin

Relationships of Agricultural Land Use to an Expanded Road Network within Tropical Forest Landscapes of Cameroon and Republic of the Congo by Silvia Cordero-Sancho & Kathleen M. Bergen

Exploring Co-offending Networks by Considering Geographic Background: An Investigation of Electric Bicycle Thefts in Beijing by Peng Chen & Yongmei Lu

The Suburbanization of Food Insecurity: An Analysis of Projected Trends in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area by Jerry Shannon, Mathew E. Hauer, Alexis Weaver & Sarah Shannon

Spatiotemporal Variation of South African Jobless Trends: Policy Directions by Gina Weir-Smith

Geographic Dimensions of Relocation Activity: A Comparative Analysis of Intrametropolitan and Out-of-State Relocation Activity by Elizabeth A. Mack & Ran Wei

Geographic Patterns of Craft Breweries at the Intraurban Scale by Isabelle Nilsson, Neil Reid & Matthew Lehnert

 Focus: Critical Data, Critical Technology

Open Access: Critical Data, Critical Technology in Theory and Practice by Ryan Burns, Craig M. Dalton & Jim E. Thatcher

Spatiality, Maps, and Mathematics in Critical Human Geography: Toward a Repetition with Difference by David O’Sullivan, Luke Bergmann & Jim E. Thatcher

Narratives of Safety on Social Media: The Case of #mysafetyselfie by Beyhan Farhadi

Size Matters to Lesbians, Too: Queer Feminist Interventions into the Scale of Big Data by Jen Jack Gieseking

Big Data from the Ground Up: Mobile Maps and Geographic Knowledge by Craig M. Dalton

From EDUPUNK to Open Policy: Critical Technology Praxis within Higher Education by Jamison Miller