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Every month the AAG compiles a list of newly-published books in geography and related fields. Some are selected for review in the AAG Review of Books. Anyone interested in reviewing these or other titles should contact the Editor-in-Chief, Kent Mathewson (kentm [at] lsu [dot] edu). Listed below are the books received from publishers in the last month.

September 2017

Atlas of Untamed Places: An Extraordinary Journey Through Our Wild World by Chris Fitch (Aurum Press 2017)

The Borders of “Europe”: Autonomy Of Migration Tactics of Bordering by Nicholas De Genova (eds.) (Duke University Press 2017)

Foucault: The Birth of Power by Stuart Elden (Polity Press 2017)

Foucault’s Last Decade by Stuart Elden (Polity Press 2016)

Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics: Third Edition by Ben Heijdra (Oxford University Press 2017)

The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail by Jason De Leon (University of California Press 2015)

Limits of The Known by David Roberts (W. W. Norton Company Inc. 2018)

Loving vs. Virginia: A Documentary Novel of the Landmark Civil Rights Case by Patricia Hruby Powell (Chronicle Books 2017)

The Magnificent Nahanni: The Struggle to Protect a Wild Place  by Gordon Nelson (University of Regina Press 2017)

Modern South Asia: History, Culture, Political Economy by Sugar Bose and Ayesha Jalal (Routledge 2018)

Nostradamus: A Healer of Souls in the Renaissance by Denis Crouzet (Policy Press 2017)

Rethinking International Skilled Migration by Micheline van Riemsdijk, Qingfang Wang (eds.) (Routledge 2017)

Seeing Like a City by Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift (Polity Press 2016)

Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Pro Project Workbook by David Smith, Nathan Strout, Christian Harder, Steven Moore, Tim Ormsby, and Thomas Balstrøm (ESRI Press 2017)

Wild Articulations: Environmentalism and Indigeneity in Northern Australia by Timothy Neale (University of Hawai’i Pess 2017)