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With students making up over 40% of AAG membership, the new Undergraduate Student Affinity Group (USAG) is an important community to speak on behalf of the unique and important perspectives of undergraduate geographers. It’s now time to elect the first USAG Board. Nominations are sought from undergraduates interested in this exciting leadership opportunity. By serving on the inaugural board, student leaders will determine where to focus the energy and initiative of the AAG undergraduate community to serve their needs and represent their voice.

USAG Board Positions: The USAG will be overseen by a Board of five of its members serving as officers: the Chair, the Secretary-Treasurer, and three general board members.

The general duties of the officers are as follows:

  • Chair: Coordinate all activities of the USAG; preside over the annual USAG business meeting; coordinate the annual elections of officers; perform appropriate communication with the AAG central office regarding affinity group news; prepare and submit an annual report to the AAG; and represent the specialty group at official functions.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Manage and maintain all USAG business and financial records; record minutes at business meetings; and preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  • General board members: Assist with organizing sessions, workshops and other events; assume ad hoc responsibilities as directed by the Chair; assist in promoting the mission and goals of the USAG; in the absence of the Chair and Secretary-Treasurer choose from among themselves someone to preside at meetings.

Board Member Eligibility & Terms:

  • Any undergraduate student who is an active member of the USAG is eligible to hold office.
  • Student officers must be enrolled in an undergraduate program when they are elected. Ideally they should be undergraduate students for their entire term of office but in the event of completing their undergraduate studies during their term of office, they may continue until the end of the group’s business year to preserve continuity.
  • All student office holders will serve a two-year term.

Nominate yourself! If you’re interested in running for a board position, please email the following information to cluebbering [at] aag [dot] org by June 30th, 2017:

  • Name
  • University Affiliation
  • Year in School as of Fall 2017 (e.g. Sophomore, Junior)
  • Position you would like to run for (Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, or General Board Member)
    Why are you interested in this position on the USAG Board? / How would you like to contribute to the USAG as a Board member? (in other words, why should people vote for you – make your case!)

Future elections will take place at the business meeting at the AAG Annual Meeting, but to increase the opportunity for more members to be involved in this first year of the group, the first USAG Board elections will be held online.

Voting in the online election will be open from July 5th – July 31st. The online ballot will be  sent via email to all USAG members when the election opens.

We encourage undergraduates to see this as an opportunity to shape this new and very important affinity group of the AAG, while also gaining leadership experience and service to the discipline to add to your portfolio. Be part of the start of something great that you help create; nominate yourself for a USAG Board position!

If you have any questions, contact Candice Luebbering at cluebbering [at] aag [dot] org.