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In the two years since the AAG launched its GeoHumanities journal, the editors have received a vast array of fascinating manuscripts in the form of traditional scholarly “Articles” and “Practices and Curations” pieces, which cross over between the academy and creative practice. As the space for interdisciplinary scholarship at the intersection of geography and the humanities, GeoHumanities presents new opportunities for academic interaction and has inspired new proposals for special compilations on cross-cutting themes.

The editors have accepted three of these proposals to date and the current issue, Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 2016), features the second special forum on “Border Topologies.” This forum explores what design and artistic research could contribute to an understanding of border conditions in a context of rising inequalities, conflict, and climate change. The common aim of the articles is to interrogate contemporary borders through the practices that produce them by focusing on how the border appears and reappears at different scales, in unexpected places and configurations. In doing so, some of the articles collected insist upon a planetary scale that questions the geopolitical as an organizing construct. The forum was edited by Nishat Awan, a Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Sheffield. It includes five Articles and three Practices and Curations pieces. See the full Table of Contents.

An Upcoming issue of GeoHumanities will include a special thematic forum on “Emotions, Ethics, Empathy, and Engagement.”

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