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The 2016 U.S. Elections: Implications for Geography and Beyond

AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, April 5-9, 2017

The 2016 elections in the United States may impact geography and our nation in the years ahead in many ways. Every year, the AAG addresses “late-breaking” events through special sessions at our Annual Meetings. During our upcoming AAG Annual Meeting in Boston, the AAG will hold a series of special “late-breaking” sessions focused on analysis and research on the 2016 election, and what the results may mean for geography, the nation, and our planet.

Accordingly, we are soliciting paper presentations and panel sessions on the 2016 elections, and are especially interested in research, analysis, discussion and dialogue related to this late-breaking topic. Please contact John Wertman or Oscar Larson at latebreakingnews [at] aag [dot] org with any questions about submitting an abstract or organizing a special paper or panel session on this late-breaking topic. To participate, please register for the Annual Meeting, then submit your abstract or special session at Once you have submitted, please forward your confirmation email to latebreakingnews [at] aag [dot] org.

The submission deadline (for this late-breaking topic of the 2016 elections only) is November 29, 2016.