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Burka_CJ_2016-webCJ Burka is a rising senior at Hofstra University triple majoring in Geography, Political Science and Global Studies. She is a second year fellow at the Michael D’Innocenzo Center for Civic Engagement and an office aid in the Department of Global Studies and Geography. She is also the president of Get Global, an organization promoting international diversity on campus as well as being a Global Mentor, helping international students prepare for their time at Hofstra.

Throughout her studies, most of her time has been spent examining the intersections of public policies, both domestically and internationally, with human rights. In the future she hopes that she will be able to continue to critically assess and analyze these intersections in order to help various organizations make positive changes in the way that people are treated and protected.

Outside of academic schoolwork and her other commitments, she can be found working on an organic farm, hiking with her three-legged and four-legged dogs and exploring new places. She has been able to explore over 20 countries, but road trips with her family are still her favorite way to travel.