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Annals cover 2016The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 106, Issue 3 (May 2016) of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers is now available. The Annals contains original, timely, and innovative articles that advance knowledge in all facets of the discipline. Articles are divided into four major areas: Environmental Sciences; Methods, Models, and Geographic Information Science; Nature and Society; and People, Place, and Region.

Featured in this issue is a forum on “Geography and Militarism.”

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Table of Contents
Forum: Geography and Militarism

Forum on Geography and Militarism: An Introduction by Eric Sheppard and James Tyner

Geography and the Military: Notes for a Debate by Joe Bryan

The U.S. Military and Human Geography: Reflections on Our Conjuncture by Joel D. Wainwright

Confronting White Supremacy and a Militaristic Pedagogy in the U.S. Settler Colonial State by Joshua Inwood and Anne Bonds

Beware: Your Research May Be Weaponized by Sara Koopman

Unconventional Classroom: Critical Work with Special Operations Forces Officers by Shannon O’Lear

American Geographers and World War II: Spies, Teachers, and Occupiers by Trevor J. Barnes

Environmental Sciences

Loamy, Two-Storied Soils on the Outwash Plains of Southwestern Lower Michigan: Pedoturbation of Loess with the Underlying Sand by Michael D. Luehmann, Brad G. Peter, Christopher B. Connallon, Randall J. Schaetzl, Samuel J. Smidt, Wei Liu, Kevin A. Kincare, Toni A. Walkowiak, Elin Thorlund, and Marie S. Holler

Methods, Models, and GIS

Ambiguous Geographies: Connecting Case Study Knowledge with Global Change Science by Jared D. Margulies, Nicholas R. Magliocca, Matthew D. Schmill, and Erle C. Ellis


Mobility as Antiracism Work: The “Hard Driving” of NASCAR’s Wendell Scott by Derek H. Alderman and Joshua Inwood

The Geography of Cultural Ties and Human Mobility: Big Data in Urban Contexts by Wenjie Wu, Jianghao Wang, and Tianshi Dai

Nature and Society

From “Nazi Cows” to Cosmopolitan “Ecological Engineers”: Specifying Rewilding Through a History of Heck Cattle by Jamie Lorimer and Clemens Driessen

Arrested Development? The Promises and Paradoxes of “Selling Nature to Save It” by Jessica Dempsey, and Daniel Chiu Suarez

Global Health, Geographical Contingency, and Contingent Geographies by Clare Herrick

People, Place, and Region

Scorched Atmospheres: The Violent Geographies of the Vietnam War and the Rise of Drone Warfare by Ian G. R. Shaw

The Discovery of Hispanic Child Labor in Agriculture in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas: A Life Geography Approach by Christian Brannstrom

Can Small-Scale Agricultural Production Improve Children’s Health? Examining Stunting Vulnerability among Very Young Children in Mali, West Africa by Kathryn Grace, Nicholas N. Nagle, and Greg Husak

Street Fights: The Commodification of Place Names in Post-Taliban Kabul City by Ali Karimi