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The Gender & Geography Bibliography Hackathon will take place November 15-21, 2015, as part of Geography Awareness Week. Work with a worldwide team of faculty, students, staff and citizens anytime and anywhere during that week to add to and edit the online database of feminist geographic sources now containing more than 3,000 citations.

The project sponsors hope to add and verify citations for books, book chapters, and multimedia from across disciplines and in all languages. Contributors can work individually or form their own groups. The benefit will be a coumunity-built source of public knowledge across fields, as well as hands-on learning of the citation management software, Zotero

The week-long event, sponsored by the Association of American Geographers’ specialty group Geographic Perspectives on Women (GPOW), is part of five years of planning, and more than 25 years of a collective effort of women and trans-geographers and other scholars and students. A hackathon is a time when a group of people come together to work on a digital project, usually by coding and creating content for an app or website. Skills and time involved are minimal.

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