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Reconstructing Antiquity: Kislak Pre-Columbian Archaeological Object Three-Dimensional Imaging Project

Summer, 2016

The Jay I. Kislak Collection of the Archaeology and History of the Early Americas at the Library of Congress holds a large and important collection of ancient Olmec and Maya objects dating from 1200 BC to 900 AD. The selected fellow, after being trained in the handling of archaeological materials, and working in close conjunction with the collection’s curator, will make a research database of these objects and take detailed digital two and three dimensional images. Using structure-from-motion imaging techniques the fellow will further produce state-of-the-art interactive three-dimensional models of these important archaeological materials that can be used by scholars to virtually study these objects anywhere in the world.

Fellow will acquire an in-depth knowledge of Pre-Columbian Ceramics and gain experience in 2D and 3D imaging of archaeological objects. Fellow will also be taught the three-dimensional design and modeling software Meshmixer and AutoCAD Memento.

Fellowship lasts ten weeks, beginning in June, 2016, and has a stipend of $300.00/wk. Fellowship applications will be posted at the website below in early January, 2016. For more information and directions on how to apply go to: