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Mona Domosh

In her Past President’s address at the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting, Mona Domosh will explore the interconnected historical geographies of race, gender, and place. She will consider how race and racisms have been entangled with spatial imaginaries and place-based materialities throughout much of American history and geography, and how these entanglements continue to shape raced lives today.

Drawing on her research in the Jim Crow South, Domosh documents the ways in which space and place — particularly through constraints on African-American mobility, and raced and gendered notions of “appropriate” places — produced and were shaped by the socio-economic realities of the labor-repressive system of cotton agriculture from slavery to sharecropping and beyond. She concludes by suggesting that the traces of these interlinked notions of race, place, and gender are still politically, economically, and socially active as evidenced by the racial/spatial imaginaries and materialities that we have recently witnessed, from the shooting of Trayvon Martin to the media coverage of Serena Williams.

The 2016 AAG annual meeting will be held in San Francisco March 29-April 2 at the Hilton in Union Square.

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