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Jonathan Mayer, Professor of Epidemiology and Geography, University of Washington, has been elected by the faculty of the School of Public as Chair of the Executive Council of the School. He also holds appointments in Internal Medicine (Division of Infectious Diseases), Family Medicine, Health Services, and Global Health.  The Council is responsible for major policy issues in the School, for governance over relationships with the rest of the University, as well as for all cases of tenure, promotion, and new hires. The School of Public Health is consistently rated in the top 5 Schools of Public Health in the United States, and comprises 5 departments: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Health Services, and Global Health. The latter is one of the largest departments at UW, including over 350 faculty members. It began only 7 years ago with an initial donation of $105 million from the Gates Foundation, plus significant state funding. It houses the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, which is the leading contributor to the Global Burden of Disease Studies. This includes many geographical analysis and visualization tools. The School of Public Health is the second largest generator of external funding after the School of Medicine. In the most recent fiscal year, UW was the third largest recipient of NIH funds in the US (ca $350 million) , after Johns Hopkins and the University of California-San Francisco. Several geographers, including Matt Sparke, Michael Brown, Kim England, and Larry Knopp are involved in public health research and teaching.