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Herman Daly, a professor emeritus at the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, has been selected to receive one of two 2014 Blue Planet Prizes, an international environmental award sponsored by the Asahi Glass Foundation. Daly was selected for his outstanding achievements in scientific research and application that help solve global environmental problems. In 1999, Daly was named the second AAG Honorary Geographer for the freshness of insight and depth of critical thought he has brought to research and teaching in economics, ecology, and resource use.

In announcing the Blue Planet Prize awardees, the Asahi Glass Foundation stated:

Prof. Daly redefined “steady state economics” through the concept of sustainability by incorporation such factors as the environment, local communities, quality of life, and ethics into economic theory, which lead to building a foundation of environmental economics. He has been questioning whether economic growth brings happiness to humans and has been issuing warnings to society, which tends to overemphasize economic growth. As a consequence, he has had a significant international influence.

A total of 119 candidates were nominated for the Blue Planet Prize representing 28 countries. The final selections were made by the Board of Directors and Councillors.

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