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The Association of American Geographers seeks applications and nominations for a team of two co-editors for a new AAG journal, to be published by Routledge titled GeoHumanities. The co-editors will be appointed for a four-year editorial term that will commence December 1, 2014. We anticipate that the team will be comprised of one editor from Geography and one from a Humanities discipline.

The aim of the journal is to draw on and further explore the multifaceted scholarly conversations between geography and the humanities that have been evolving over the past decade. As such, we anticipate that the journal will serve as a home for the critical and creative interdisciplinary work of artists, authors, historians, geographers, literary and feminist theorists, environmentalists, philosophers and others working across a broad spectrum of disciplines, and at scales from the personal and local to the international and global.

In support of these goals, the editorial candidates should possess demonstrated expertise in Geography-Humanities scholarship, experience working in and with interdisciplinarity, a distinguished record of scholarly achievement, and a commitment to working constructively with authors during the review process. Institutional support for the new co-editors (especially some time released from teaching) is desirable, but not mandatory. The AAG will provide a stipend to be used for expenses and honorarium at the editorial team’s discretion.

The co-editors will work in coordination with AAG Journals Managing Editors, located at the AAG office in Washington, DC. An AAG-designated GeoHumanities journal Managing Editor will bear primary responsibility for the logistics of processing manuscripts and book reviews, and for assembling and coordinating the publication of each issue of the journal in collaboration with the co-editors and the journal’s publisher. The editorial team, therefore, should share the AAG Council’s vision of an accessible, decentralized, and collaborative editorship.

A stipend of $10,000 per year will be available for the editors of GeoHumanities (i.e., $20,000 for the editorial team). Editors may use their stipend however they see fit, including for example travel, equipment, an assistant, or as a personal honorarium.

The editorial team should submit a letter of application that addresses their qualifications, a vision for how best to launch and support the new GeoHumanities journal, and their plans to achieve active engagement with authors from the humanities and arts disciplines, accompanied by a complete curriculum vitae for each co-editor. Nominations and applications should be submitted by August 15, 2014. Please send applications or letters of nomination to: Chair, AAG Publications Committee, AAG Meridian Place Office, 1710 Sixteenth Street NW, Washington, DC 20009-3198. Nominations and applications may be submitted electronically to the attention of Miranda Lecea at mlecea [at] aag [dot] org.