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For each of the activities below, we seek a diverse group of individuals representing a range of employment sectors, organizations, academic and professional backgrounds, and racial/ethnic/gender perspectives. If interested, please send an email to careers [at] aag [dot] org, specifying your topic(s) and activity(s) of interest, and attach your current c.v. or resume. For best consideration, submit your information by December 5, 2014.

Career Mentors

Career mentoring sessions provide an open forum where students, job seekers, and professionals can get advice, feedback, and information. We seek volunteers representing the business, government, nonprofit, and academic/educational sectors to provide informal consultation during your choice of designated times during the conference.


The AAG is planning workshops on GISP certification, strategies for entering the workforce, career planning for recent and prospective graduates, and professional networking. We seek members to help lead and facilitate these workshops, and we also welcome proposals for additional workshops related to careers and professional development.

Panel Sessions

We seek organizers and panelists for sessions on topics such as:

  • Employment in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors
  • Preparing for and sustaining an academic career
  • Integrating career preparation into geography programs and curricula
  • The role of community college and undergraduate programs in career preparation
  • Enhancing students’ employability through internships and work-based learning
  • Working internationally

Paper Sessions

AAG staff will be organizing several paper sessions on topics related to careers and professional development. To present in one of these sessions, please submit your abstract at When you receive confirmation of a successful abstract submission, please then forward this confirmation to: careers [at] aag [dot] org. The abstract deadline is November5, 2014.