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Geography of the Holy Land: New Insights, Volume IIThe Bible Geography Specialty Group’s new book, Geography of the Holy Land: New Insights, Volume II, was published in Taiwan on April 6, 2013. As directed, 500 copies of the book were sent to those interested in Bible Geography in South Asia and China, and 1,000 copies will be distributed to BGSG members and those interested in Bible Geography in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel.

The new book differs from Geography of the Holy Land: Perspectives, Volume I in that it is composed of book chapters, rather than articles. It is based on selected papers presented at the annual meetings of the AAG in the past eight years. These papers were updated, revised, and expanded. This new publication of the BGSG was designed to meet the needs of South Asian, Middle Eastern, and African students of Bible Geography, and it strengthens that which was published in Volume I.

Bharath Ganesh Babu, assistant professor at Valparaiso University, created the front and back covers and served as graphics editor. Jonathan Lu and members of various organizations in South Asia funded the publication of this book.

Requests to translate in a number of languages and print Volume I and strong support for a second volume stimulated the BGSG Executive Committee to proceed with the new book.

As was Volume I, Volume II will be used internationally as a reference book in libraries, a textbook in colleges and universities, and a basis for teaching geography of the Bible in Sunday schools and seminaries. AAG members can secure copies of Volume II by contacting William Dando, Executive Editor, and providing a mailing address.