Grants & Awards Received

Stuart Hamilton and Research Team Receive $1.8-million NSF Award

AAG member and geographer Stuart Hamilton, assistant professor of geography at Salisbury University, is part of a research team that has been awarded $ by the NSF to research Aquaculture in Lake Victoria, Africa. This project investigates the dynamic links between the ecology of Lake Victoria (a natural system), the economy of its surrounding fisheries…
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Emma Martin Interns at AAG for Summer Semester

Emma Martin is a senior at James Madison University earning a in Geographic Science with a concentration in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Development and a minor in Spanish. As an honors program student she is currently working on a senior thesis in the field of geography. She is also a member of Gamma Theta Upsilon…
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MyCOE/SERVIR Initiative in Southeast Asia Calling for Student Participation

The MyCOE / SERVIR Initiative in Southeast Asia is an 7-month fellowship program for undergraduate and graduate students in eligible countries who are currently enrolled in any field at an institution of higher education in an eligible country. Students will propose to work with their own mentors/advisors on research ideas and plans that address themes…
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AAG to feature theme on scale and sustainability

“Scale and Sustainability” is among the emerging themes being developed for the AAG Annual Meeting in April. This track of sessions will consider how scale matters for sustainability and at what scale sustainability should be examined. In these sessions, the queries are extended to all of sustainable development—the linking of environment and development to enhance…
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Annual Meeting

Los Angeles, the Improbably Sustainable City

By Stephanie Pincetl To many, even Angelenos, Los Angeles is the poster child of all that is unsustainable. Sprawling, polluted, car dependent, center-less, the importer of water, devoid of culture and urbanity, Los Angeles is seen as the antithesis of a sustainable city. But some basic indicators show how Los Angeles, and its surrounding county,…
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