The 2018 Award for Bachelors Program Excellence goes to the Department of Geography at SUNY-Geneseo
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The Program Excellence Award honors non-PhD granting geography programs that have significantly enhanced the prominence and reputation of geography as a discipline, and demonstrated the characteristics of a strong and engaged academic unit. The award is presented in alternate years to Bachelors Programs and Masters Programs. This year’s Award for Bachelors Program Excellence goes to the Department of Geography at SUNY-Geneseo. Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary as a degree-granting Bachelors program, SUNY-Geneseo is committed to curricular innovation, active student organizations and alumni relations, faculty research, and disciplinary engagement both on and off campus. The SUNY-Geneseo program has grown robustly, from less than thirty undergraduate majors in 2003, to over a hundred in the fall of 2017. This increase is due to an exciting curriculum that blends human and physical geography, and offers undergraduates a variety of study abroad experiences. SUNY-Geneseo offers minors in Geography, Environmental, and Urban Studies, and collaborates to augment the curricula offered by Africana Studies, Conflict Studies, and International Relations. SUNY-Geneseo also offers students opportunities off campus to pursue research, service-learning and internships. They successfully engage with their alumni, bringing them back to campus annually to meet current undergraduate students. In sum, SUNY-Geneseo is a Department that delivers an exemplary learning experience for undergraduate geographers.

Colleagues and friends joined in honoring recipients of AAG Honors, Fellows, Specialty Group and other awards during the 2018 AAG Awards Luncheon.

Saturday, April 14, 11:50 AM – 2:00 PM, Napoleon CD, 3rd Fl, Sheraton Hotel

The 2018 AAG Annual Meeting was held in New Orleans April 10-14 at the Marriott and Sheraton hotels in the French Quarter.