Member News

Geographers Act on COVID19

GeoDS Lab at University of Wisconsin, Madison. County-level Spring 2020 travel data from March shows thousands of trips generated in the , which may help explain the rapid growth of infection cases across the country. On March 23, AAG asked how our members and followers are responding to the COVID19 pandemic. We got an extraordinary…
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Association News

2018 NAEP Geography Report Card Offers Crucial Insight into Geographic Literacy

April 23, 2020 marks the date for The National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB)’s release of the 2018 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Geography Report Card, along with the nation’s 2018 assessments of History and Civics education. This year’s Geography Report Card is particularly important, as the NAEP is not due to assess geography again…
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‘GeoHumanities’: COVID-19 Announcement

Not Business as Usual: A Message from the Editors of GeoHumanities There is little about being an academic in the current time that can be called "business as usual". Academic publishing is no exception. It is the joint act of many people - authors, reviewers, readers, people in the offices of publishers and professional societies such…
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Recent News

‘The Professional Geographer’: COVID-19 Announcement

To the authors, readers, reviewers, and staff members who contribute their energy and insight to The Professional Geographer, I am grateful to this community of scholars and practitioners, whose contributions to The Professional Geographer have helped maintain its high quality and excellent reputation. Your dedication to scholarship and reflections on practice have put The Professional…
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Annals of the AAG

‘Annals of the AAG’: COVID-19 Announcement

The Long View When the Annals was launched in 1911, penicillin did not yet exist. As Editors, we are taking the long view on the COVID-19 pandemic. While the journal has persevered through many global crises, the present moment is clearly not business as usual. We recognize these are exceptional times that are creating unusual…
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Featured News

May 2020 Issue of ‘The Professional Geographer’ Now Available

The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 72, Issue 2 (May 2020) of The Professional Geographer is now available. The focus of The Professional Geographer is on short articles in academic or applied geography, emphasizing empirical studies and methodologies. These features may range in content and approach from rigorously analytic to broadly philosophical or prescriptive.…
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African Geographical Review

March 2020 Issue of the ‘African Geographical Review’ Now Available

The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 39, Issue 1 (March 2020) of the African Geographical Review is now available. The full table of contents for this issue is below and can also be accessed here. The African Geographical Review is the journal of the Africa Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers. It provides a…
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AAG Grants & Awards Conferred

AAG Announces 2020 AAG Award Recipients

The American Association of Geographers congratulates the individuals and entities named to receive an AAG Award. The awardees represent outstanding contributions to and accomplishments in the geographic field. Formal recognition of the awardees will occur at the 2020 AAG Annual Meeting in Denver, CO during the AAG Awards Luncheon on Friday, April 10, 2020. 2020…
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