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AAG AnnalsThe AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 110, Issue 3 (May 2020) of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers is now availableA full list of contents is below.

The Annals contains original, timely, and innovative articles that advance knowledge in all facets of the discipline. Articles are divided into four major areas: Geographic Methods; Human Geography; Nature and Society; and Physical Geography, Earth, and Environmental Sciences.

Each issue, the Editors choose one article to make freely available. In this issue you can read Disturbance after Disturbance: Combined Effects of Two Successive Hurricanes on Forest Community Structure by Daehyun Kim, Andrew C. Millington & Charles W. Lafon for free for the next two months.

AAG members receive online access to all past and current issues of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers go to the Members Only page and log in using your AAG member ID and password, then choose Publications on the top menu and navigate to the AAG Journals page.

If you are not an AAG member and would like to be, join here. Please direct any inquiries regarding the Annals to annals [at] aag [dot] org.

Table of Contents

Free Access: Disturbance after Disturbance: Combined Effects of Two Successive Hurricanes on Forest Community Structure by Daehyun Kim, Andrew C. Millington & Charles W. Lafon

Please Enter Your Home Location: Geoprivacy Attitudes and Personal Location Masking Strategies of Internet Users by Dara E. Seidl, Piotr Jankowski, Keith C. Clarke & Atsushi Nara

Making an Anthropocene Ocean: Synoptic Geographies of the International Geophysical Year (1957–1958) by Jessica Lehman

Attack the Data: Agency, Power, and Technopolitics in South African Data Activism by Jonathan Cinnamon

Multiple Representations of Topographic Pattern and Geographic Context Determine Barrier Dune Resistance, Resilience, and the Overlap of Coastal Biogeomorphic Models by Li-Chih Hsu & J. Anthony Stallins

Open Access: Against All Odds: Multicriteria Decision Making with Hazard Prediction Maps Depicting Uncertainty by Isabella Kübler, Kai-Florian Richter & Sara Irina Fabrikant

Coming Out of the Foodshed: Phosphorus Cycles and the Many Scales of Local Food by Russell C. Hedberg II

“The Care and Feeding of Power Structures”: Reconceptualizing Geospatial Intelligence through the Countermapping Efforts of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee by Joshua F. J. Inwood & Derek H. Alderman

Unusually Devastating Tornadoes in the United States: 1995–2016 by Tyler Fricker & James B. Elsner

Developing a Locally Adaptive Spatial Multilevel Logistic Model to Analyze Ecological Effects on Health Using Individual Census Records by Guanpeng Dong, Jing Ma, Duncan Lee, Mingxing Chen, Gwilym Pryce & Yu Chen

Articles (continued)

Open Access: Conservation Law Enforcement: Policing Protected Areas by Francis Massé

Open Access: “Political Atmospherics”: The India Round Table Conference’s Atmospheric Environments, Bodies and Representations, London 1930–1932 by Stephen Legg

Pacing for Renewable Energy Development: The Developmental State in Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Power by Ker-hsuan Chien

Evacuated to Death: The Lexicon, Concept, and Practice of Mobility in the Nazi Deportation and Killing Machine by Peter Adey

Thinking Through Levees: How Political Agency Extends Beyond the Human Mind by Nicolas T. Bergmann, Jamie McEvoy, Elizabeth A. Shanahan, Eric D. Raile, Ann Marie Reinhold, Geoffrey C. Poole & Clemente Izurieta

Space of Compromise: Border Control and the Limited Inclusion of Burmese Migrants in China by Xiaobo Su & Xiaomei Cai

Contextualizing Accumulation by Dispossession: The State and High-Rise Apartment Clusters in Gangnam, Seoul by Jung Won Sonn & Hyun Bang Shin

The New Mongolian State Herder: Examining Invocations and Improvisations of the State in Rural Mongolia by Ariell Ahearn

Open Access: What Happens If We Start from Nigeria? Diversifying Histories of Geography by Ruth Craggs & Hannah Neate

Open Access: A Decolonial Critique of the Racialized “Localwashing” of Extraction in Central Africa by Amber Murrey & Nicholas A. Jackson