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Annals of the American Association of Geographers
Special Issue, March 2022
Call for Abstracts
The Annals of the American Association of Geographers is seeking contributions for a Special Issue on “Displacements”.


Displacements, which have multiple forms and meanings, are deeply geographical: patterns of shifting, dislocation, or putting out of place; substitutions of one idea for another or the unconscious transfer of intense feelings or emotions; activities occurring outside their normal context; and replacements of one thing by another. Our world, at this moment, is rife with displacements. The 2022 Special Issue on “Displacements” will explore how, building on our history of critical engagement with place, geographers from across the discipline can contribute empirical, theoretical, and methodological insights on displacements and their implications. We welcome contributions that address displacements through multi- and -inter-disciplinary engagements with geographical theory and methods, from a broad range of perspectives and locations, and in historical and contemporary contexts.

Themes for submissions could include, but are not limited, to:

  • Migrations, bordering, and displacements of populations at multiple scales
  • Uneven development and its displacements
  • Technological change, digitalization, platform economies, and the future of work
  • Social difference, categorization (of inter alia gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability), and displacements
  • Racial capitalism and racialized displacements
  • Enclosures and legal or extra-legal displacements
  • Climate change, extreme weather, rising seas, and their displacements
  • Displacements of or in species, populations, ecosystems, and other natural systems
  • Materialisms, materiality, and more-than-human relations
  • Political and geopolitical displacements
  • Colonization, the coloniality of power, and decolonization
  • Displacements in geographical theory, methods, and knowledge production
  • Financialization and economies of debt
  • Urbanization, gentrification, rurality, and displacements
  • Displacements in everyday life
  • Violence and incarceration

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted by email to Jennifer Cassidento (jcassidento [at] aag [dot] org) by May 15, 2020. The Editor will consider all abstracts and then invite, by June 8, 2020, a selection of contributors to submit full papers for peer review.

Papers will have a target maximum length of 5,000 words (including main text, abstract, references, tables, figure captions, etc.). First draft papers will be due (via ScholarOne Manuscripts) in December 2020 and final papers will be due in October 2021 for publication in 2022. For any questions about this Special Issue contact the Editor, Kendra Strauss (kstrauss [at] sfu [dot] ca). For questions about the abstract submission process contact the Annals Managing Editor, Jennifer Cassidento (jcassidento [at] aag [dot] org).