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Ask a GeographerDo you like opportunities to talk to those outside of our discipline about the work, teaching, or research that you do and why it’s interesting? Are you looking for a fun service opportunity to support geography by helping others learn more about it? Consider volunteering for the AAG Ask a Geographer program!

The Ask a Geographer program is a longstanding AAG outreach project, first developed by Richard Marston (Kansas State University), that offers students, teachers, journalists, and others a way to connect directly with experts in various fields in geography. Experts are drawn from and categorized by AAG Specialty Group topics and are available to be contacted via email. They respond to specific inquiries about geographic topics and issues in their area of expertise. Perhaps the best way to understand the program is through the words of one of our volunteers:

Jon Harbor‘Ask a Geographer’ has been a great way to share the excitement and value of geography with a wide range of learners, and to help people navigate choices they are making about programs and possibilities. For many years I have been enjoying responding to questions from learners young and old around the world. Sometimes these are school students doing a career assignment, but many are undergraduate or graduate students seeking advice in how to pursue a career in a specific area of geography. What experiences to seek out, what courses to take, how to get jobs or internships, or strategies to get into graduate programs in other countries. In some cases, they are people who are in another field who are just discovering geography as a discipline and want to know how it is possible to have a career doing something so interesting!”

  • Jon Harbor, University of Montana

The AAG is currently updating the Ask a Geographer program, gathering new additional voices for the discipline, and expanding the information provided with each contact to invite and encourage page visitors to connect with experts. We are looking to have at least 2 to 3 contacts per topic; individuals may be listed for 2 topics if interested. Volunteers should be current AAG members and we welcome all career level stages to volunteer, from early career (grad students, you too!) to retirees.

We are currently seeking volunteers for all specialty group topics. Check out the Ask a Geographer page to see which topics you are most interested in and which are most in need of more volunteers. To volunteer, please complete this brief online survey.

For general project questions, contact careers [at] aag [dot] org.