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JGHE coverSince 2001 the Journal of Geography in Higher Education (JGHE) has presented an award to the author(s) of the paper published in the previous three years on the subject of teaching and learning geography in higher education judged most outstanding. The purpose of the award is to promote excellence in the field of geographic education and to recognize and celebrate the scholars who contribute to this vital research arena. The Journal of Geography in Higher Education is currently seeking nominations for the 2018 Prize for Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Have you read a very good, recently published paper that helped you reflect on your own approaches to teaching? Did the paper give you new ideas to help improve your students learning? Did it provide an innovative way of addressing a concern or issue that is relevant to geography in higher education? Or employ a clever piece of technology to enable a new learning experience for students? Or perhaps the paper tackled broader analysis of the institutional contexts which frame pedagogic approaches? If you have been inspired, then please consider telling the JGHE editorial board about it by submitting a nomination.

The JGHE has been especially keen to promote internationalization in recent years and has actively sought to encourage submissions and peer reviewers from outside the Anglo-American-Australasian axis. The editorial board, therefore, welcomes nominations from outside the traditional core. Papers which were originally published in languages other than English can be nominated, but a translation of the paper will be required. Nominations are not restricted to papers published in the Journal of Geography in Higher Education, but should be papers which promote excellence in teaching and learning and which are relevant to the practice of geography or cognate disciplines. Nominated papers must have been published between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2017. Papers published online during this timeframe ahead of hard copy publication (e.g. in early view systems) will also be accepted.

Successful nominated papers should demonstrate relevance to enhancing student learning with evidence from appropriate student evaluation (“the student voice”), innovation and enhancing teaching excellence in geography in higher education, an international audience of geography educators, ability to convey ideas clearly without abundant jargon, and sensitivity to equal opportunities. 
Potential nominators (and potential authors) may wish to refer to a paper written by a former editor of JGHE which provides some tips on writing for the journal and some “golden rules” about developing a successful contribution (Haigh, 2013). 
Papers must have been peer-reviewed prior to publication. 
Both papers reporting the results of original research and papers reviewing a body of existing material to gain new insight or suggesting improved practice or policy are encouraged. Self-nomination is not permitted.

The JGHE editorial board will choose the top three to five nominations for consideration for the Prize. The nominees are then reviewed and ranked by the editorial advisory panel, a group of international and distinguished scholars, on the basis of scholarship, appropriate research methodologies, originality, and overall contribution to research in teaching and learning geography in higher education, the mission of JGHE. The prize winner is then invited to submit a reflection piece in JGHE expanding upon the theme of their paper or extending the ideas as appropriate.

Nominations should be received by 1 March 2018. 
 Each nomination should be accompanied by a short statement that highlights the major merits and significance of the nominated paper. Nominations and papers should be made in writing as they are identified to Sarah Bednarz: s-bednarz [at] tamu [dot] edu.