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the-pg-cover-2017The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 69, Issue 4 (November 2017) of The Professional Geographer is now available.

The focus of The Professional Geographer is on short articles in academic or applied geography, emphasizing empirical studies and methodologies. These features may range in content and approach from rigorously analytic to broadly philosophical or prescriptive. The journal provides a forum for new ideas and alternative viewpoints.

Each issue, the Editor chooses one article to make freely available. In this issue you can read Savage Jaguars, King Cats, and Ghostly Tigres: Affective Logics and Predatory Natures in Twentieth-Century American Nature Writing by Sharon Wilcox for free for the next 3 months.

AAG members receive online access to all past and current issues of The Professional Geographer go to the Members Only page and log in using your AAG member ID and password, then choose Publications on the top menu and navigate to the AAG Journals page.

If you are not an AAG member and would like to be, join here. Please direct questions regarding the Professional Geographer to profgeog [at] aag [dot] org.

Table of Contents for Volume 69, Issue 4
Focus: AAG 2016 Nystrom Competition Paper

Open Access: Introduction: AAG 2016 Nystrom Competition Papers

Using a Huff-Based Model to Delineate Hospital Service Areas by Peng Jia, Fahui Wang, and Imam M. Xierali

Editor’s Choice: Savage Jaguars, King Cats, and Ghostly Tigres: Affective Logics and Predatory Natures in Twentieth-Century American Nature Writing by Sharon Wilcox


Spatial and Temporal Patterns Associated with Permitted Tree Removal in Austin, Texas, 2002–2011 by Brendan L. Lavy and Ronald R. Hagelman III

Analyzing the Impacts of Urban Expansion on Green Fragmentation Using Constraint Gradient Analysis by Limin Jiao, Gang Xu, Fengtao Xiao, Yaolin Liu, and Boen Zhang

Cross-Linguistic Research on Landscape Categories Using GEOnet Names Server Data: A Case Study for Indonesia and Malaysia by Chen-Chieh Feng and David M. Mark

Voronoi Diagrams and Spatial Analysis of Crime by Silas Nogueira de Melo, Richard Frank, and Patricia Brantingham

Chinese Narratives on “One Belt, One Road” (带一路) in Geopolitical and Imperial Contexts by James D. Sidaway and Chih Yuan Woon

An Alternative Classification Scheme for Uncertain Attribute Mapping by Ran Wei and Tony H. Grubesic

Ownership and Spatial Distribution of Eagle Ford Mineral Wealth in Live Oak County, Texas by Trey Murphy, Christian Brannstrom, and Matthew Fry

Exploratory Spatiotemporal Analysis in Risk Communication during the MERS Outbreak in South Korea by Ick-Hoi Kim, Chen-Chieh Feng, Yi-Chen Wang, Brian H. Spitzberg, and Ming-Hsiang Tsou

Response of a Resilient Community to Natural Disasters: The Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal, 2015 by Bhaswati Ray

Focus: Gender and the Histories of Geography

Introduction: Toward More Inclusive and Comparative Perspectives in the Histories of Geographical Knowledge by Heike Jöns, Janice Monk, and Innes M. Keighren

“A Royal Geographical Society for Ladies”: The Lyceum Club and Women’s Geographical Frontiers in Edwardian London by Innes M. Keighren

Feminizing the University: The Mobilities, Careers, and Contributions of Early Female Academics in the University of Cambridge, 1926–1955 by Heike Jöns

Washington Women: Practicing Geography in the U.S. Government, 1915–1970s by Janice Monk

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