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GeoHumanities coverThe AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 3, Issue 1 (June 2017) of GeoHumanities is now available. GeoHumanities is the newest journal of the American Association of Geographers. It features articles that span conceptual and methodological debates in geography and the humanities; critical reflections on analog and digital artistic productions; and new scholarly interactions occurring at the intersections of geography and multiple humanities disciplines.

There are full length scholarly articles in the GeoHumanities Articles section and shorter creative pieces that cross over between the academy and creative practice in the Practices and Curations section.

Each issue, the Editors choose one article to make freely available. In this issue you can read Rethinking the Final Frontier: Cosmo-Logics and an Ethic of Interstellar Flourishing by Matthew Kearnes and Thom van Dooren for free. To access the most recent issue of GeoHumanities click here.

AAG members receive online access to all past and current issues of GeoHumanities— go to the Members Only page and log in using your AAG member ID and password, then choose Publications on the top menu and navigate to the AAG Journals page.

If you are not an AAG member and would like to be, join here. Please direct questions regarding the GeoHumanities to geohumanities [at] aag [dot] org.

Table of Contents

Earth Writing by Simon Springer

Squeezing, Bleaching, and the Victims’ Fate: Wounds, Geography, Poetry, Micrology by Chris Philo

Geese, Elves, and the Duplicitous, “Diabolical” Landscaped Space of Reactionary Modernism: The Case of Holgersson, Hägerstrand, and Lorenz by Kenneth R. Olwig

Inertia and Movement: The Spatialization of the Native Northland in Jack London’s Short Stories by Steffen Wöll

Praxes of “The Human” and “The Digital”: Spatial Humanities and the Digitization of Place by Stuart Dunn

(De)composing Habit in Theatre-as-Method by Ruth Raynor

Through Laser Scanned Point Clouds to Techno-Sight and a Landscape on the Move by Paulina Nordstrom

Geographies of Attachment and Despair: Evoking the Ambivalence of Place(ment) through Poetic Analysis of Urban Decline by Chad N. Steacy

Chemical Geographies by Adam Romero, Julie Guthman, Ryan E. Galt, Matt Huber, Becky Mansfield, and Suzana Sawyer

Editors’ Choice: Rethinking the Final Frontier: Cosmo-Logics and an Ethic of Interstellar Flourishing by Matthew Kearnes and Thom van Dooren


Selections from poets featured at the First Annual GeoHumanities Geopoetics Poetry Reading at the AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco, 2016:

Reset Modernity!: Re-Present, Re-Set, Re-Assemble—Bruno Latour |ZKM| Center for Arts and Media Karlsruhe, 16 April–21 August 2016 by Peter Lindner

The Construction of Sense of Place, Observations from the Field by Steve Jennings

Cuban Kitchens: Spaces of Food and Life in Cuba by John C. Finn

Crossing Rivers, Revisiting Trauma, and Contemplating the Geo: Thinking into the Anthropocenic by Justin Westgate

The Bristol and Bath Railway Path: An Ecopoetic Sound Collaboration by Jonathan Prior and Samantha Walton

Macro or Micro? A Visual Art Exhibition Challenging Our Perceptions of Scale by Stephen S. Young and Paul Kelly

Aberfan. Lamenting Memory by Joe Gerlach