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The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 107, Issue 4 (July 2017) of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers is now availableA full list of contents is below.

The Annals contains original, timely, and innovative articles that advance knowledge in all facets of the discipline. Articles are divided into four major areas: Environmental Sciences; Methods, Models, and Geographic Information Science; Nature and Society; and People, Place, and Region.

Each issue, the Editors choose one article to make freely available. In this issue you can read Posthuman Agency in the Digitally Mediated City: Exteriorization, Individuation, Reinvention by Gillian Rose for free for the next two months.

AAG members receive online access to all past and current issues of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers go to the Members Only page and log in using your AAG member ID and password, then choose Publications on the top menu and navigate to the AAG Journals page.

If you are not an AAG member and would like to be, join here. Please direct any inquiries regarding the Annals to annals [at] aag [dot] org.

Table of Contents
Methods, Models, and GIS

Editors’ Choice: Posthuman Agency in the Digitally Mediated City: Exteriorization, Individuation, Reinvention by Gillian Rose

Open Access: Are There Food Deserts in Rainforest Cities? by Gemma Davies, Gina Frausin, and Luke Parry

Open Access: How Is the Neighborhood Environment Related to the Health of Seniors Living in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo? Some Insights for Promoting Aging in Place by Becky P. Y. Loo, Winnie W. Y. Lam, Rathi Mahendran, and Keiko Katagiri

Trends and Issues in the Use of Quantitative Color Schemes in Refereed Journals by Travis M. White, Terry A. Slocum, and Dave McDermott

Nature and Society

Dimensions of Power in Regulatory Regime Selection: Shopping, Shaping, and Staying by Annabel Ipsen

Cultures of Carbon and the Logic of Care: The Possibilities for Carbon Enrichment and Its Cultural Signature by Sue Jackson, Lisa Palmer, Fergus McDonald, and Adam Bumpus

What Causes People to Change Their Opinion about Climate Change? by Risa Palm, Gregory B. Lewis, and Bo Feng

Rooted in Place? The Coproduction of Knowledge and Space in Agroforestry Assemblages by Will Smith and Wolfram H. Dressler

People, Place, and Region

Spatializing Populism: Taking Politics to the People in Italy by John Agnew and Michael Shin

Open Access: Encountering Misrecognition: Being Mistaken for Being Muslim by Peter Hopkins, Katherine Botterill, Gurchathen Sanghera, and Rowena Arshad

Hybrid Sovereignty and the State of Exception in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon by Adam Ramadan and Sara Fregonese

Precarious Irregular Migrants and Their Sharing Economies: A Spectrum of Transactional Laboring Experiences by Louise Waite and Hannah Lewis

Physical Geography and Environmental Sciences

Detecting Patterns of Climate Change at Volcan Chimborazo, Ecuador, by Integrating Instrumental Data, Public Observations, and Glacier Change Analysis by Jeff La Frenierre and Bryan G. Mark

In Memoriam

 Ross Mackay, 1915–2014 by Christopher R. Burn and Frederick E. Nelson