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NSF LogoThe Geography and Spatial Sciences (GSS) Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) seeks applicants for a Program Director position that will become available in Summer 2017.

The job description for this new GSS program director position has been posted at

While applications may be submitted as late as May 11, 2017, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications sooner if at all possible.

Applicants should be sure to submit an up-to-date curriculum vitae, resume, or another biographical statement in addition to a letter of application that includes a narrative statement that addresses the applicant’s background and/or experience related to this position.  The application should be submitted by e-mail using procedures described on the pages accessible using the “How to Apply” tab of the job description on the USAJobs website specified above.  The applicant should also complete and submit the Applicant Survey Form accessible from that page.  Names and contact information of references should be provided, although the references need not supply any information unless and until they are contacted by NSF.

For more information about the GSS Program, see  Applicants should also consult the GSS Strategic Plan, which is accessible at  (Please be aware that a revision of the GSS Strategic Plan is in the final stages of review.  Although different in some respects, the vision and goals of the new plan are not substantially different from those in the plan that’s currently posted.)