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Annals cover 2016The AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 106, Issue 6 (November 2016) of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers is now availableA full list of contents is below.

The Annals contains original, timely, and innovative articles that advance knowledge in all facets of the discipline. Articles are divided into four major areas: Environmental Sciences; Methods, Models, and Geographic Information Science; Nature and Society; and People, Place, and Region.

The Annals has a long tradition of publishing the annual addresses of AAG Presidents, both as a record of the Association and of developments in the discipline. This issue contains the Presidential Address delivered by Julie Winkler at the AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago in 2015 entitled Embracing Complexity and Uncertainty. It is available for free for the next two months.

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Table of Contents
Environmental Sciences

Pace of Landscape Change and Pediment Development in the Northeastern Sonoran Desert, United States by Phillip H. Larson, Scott B. Kelley, Ronald I. Dorn & Yeong Bae Seong

A Shape Metric Methodology for Studying the Evolving Geometries of Synoptic-Scale Precipitation Patterns in Tropical Cyclones by Stephanie E. Zick & Corene J. Matyas

Methods, Models, and GIS

Urban–Rural Differences in Disaster Resilience by Susan L. Cutter, Kevin D. Ash & Christopher T. Emrich

Error Analysis of Regional Migration Modeling by Jianfa Shen

Application of a Global Environmental Equity Index in Montreal: Diagnostic and Further Implications by Mathieu Carrier, Philippe Apparicio, Yan Kestens, Anne-Marie Séguin, Hien Pham, Dan Crouse & Jack Siemiatycki

Is Poverty Decentralizing? Quantifying Uncertainty in the Decentralization of Urban Poverty by Leo Kavanagh, Duncan Lee & Gwilym Pryce

Cellular Automata Modeling of Land-Use/Land-Cover Dynamics: Questioning the Reliability of Data Sources and Classification Methods by Yulia Grinblat, Michael Gilichinsky & Itzhak Benenson


Using Urban Development Boundaries to Constrain Uncontrolled Urban Sprawl in China by Penghui Jiang, Qianwen Cheng, Yuan Gong, Liyan Wang, Yunqian Zhang, Liang Cheng, Manchun Li, Jiancheng Lu, Yuewei Duan, Qiuhao Huang & Dong Chen

Nature and Society

Fluid Sovereignty: State–Nature Relations in the Hasbani Basin, Southern Lebanon by Michael Mason & Mohamad Khawlie

People, Place, and Region

Toward a Geography of Black Internationalism: Bayard Rustin, Nonviolence, and the Promise of Africa by Jake Hodder

Cradle of the Creative Class: Reinventing the Figure of the Scientist in Cold War Pittsburgh by Patrick Vitale

Shards and Stages: Migrant Lives, Power, and Space Viewed from Doha, Qatar by Robina Mohammad & James D. Sidaway

Presidential Address

Editors’ Choice: Embracing Complexity and Uncertainty by Julie A. Winkler Free Access