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RGEO-Avila3a-2In the year since the AAG launched its GeoHumanities journal, the editors have received a vast array of fascinating manuscripts in the form of traditional scholarly “Articles” and “Practices and Curations” pieces, which cross over between the academy and creative practice.

As the space for interdisciplinary scholarship at the intersection of geography and the humanities, GeoHumanities presents new opportunities for academic interaction and has inspired new proposals for special compilations on crosscutting themes. The editors have accepted three of those proposals to date and will publish them as special forums in this and upcoming issues.

The current issue, Volume 2, Issue 1 (June 2016), features the first special forum on “Attunement,” bringing together an international and interdisciplinary set of papers exploring creative and social practices of attuning to forces, temporalities, and material processes that exceed the human subject. There is growing interdisciplinary interest in creative experiments with collaborating with, listening to, and attuning to new kinds of “voices,” including those of more-than-human life and other forms of material agency. This forum was edited by Julian Brigstocke, a lecturer in Human Geography at Cardiff University, UK, and Tehseen Noorani, a visiting scholar in Anthropology at the New School for Social Research, New York.

The forum comprises seven pieces that engage with recent theoretical and methodological debates within geography and the (post)-humanities around new materialisms, post-phenomenology, and speculative theory. They bring together interventions from human geography, sociology, anthropology, sustainable development, and critical psychology, aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the ways in which matter and more-than-human life participate in contemporary social and political forms, and how they make demands for human ethical, political and artistic response. See the full Table of Contents.

Upcoming issues of GeoHumanities will include special thematic forums on “Border Topologies” and “Emotions, Ethics, Empathy, and Engagement.”

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