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RTPG_68_01_final coverThe AAG is pleased to announce that Volume 68, Issue 3 (August 2016) of The Professional Geographer is now available.

The focus of The Professional Geographer is on short articles in academic or applied geography, emphasizing empirical studies and methodologies. These features may range in content and approach from rigorously analytic to broadly philosophical or prescriptive. The journal provides a forum for new ideas and alternative viewpoints.

Each issue, the Editor chooses one article to make freely available. In this issue you can read Economic Freedom, Migration, and Income Change in the United States: 1995 to 2010 by Matthew Shumway and James A. Davis for free for the next 3 months.

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Table of Contents
The Economic Development–Vibrant Center Connection: Tracking High-Growth Firms in the DC Region by Emil Malizia and Yasuyuki Motoyama

Cartographies of Stalin: Place, Scale, and Reputational Politics by Alexi Gugushvili, Peter Kabachnik, and Aaron H. Gilbreath

Global Emissivity Distribution and Change from 2003 to 2007 by Chance Scott and Shouraseni Sen Roy

Open Access: Rescaling of Access and Property Relations in a Frontier Landscape: Insights from Jambi, Indonesia by Jonas Hein, Soeryo Adiwibowo, Christoph Dittrich, Rosyani, Endriatmo Soetarto, and Heiko Faust

Editor’s Choice: Economic Freedom, Migration, and Income Change in the United States: 1995 to 2010 by Matthew Shumway and James A. Davis

Modeling the Invasion of Holly (Ilex aquifolium): Spatial Relationships and Spread Trajectories by Santiago López and David L. Stokes

Fitzgerald: A Return to the Neighborhood and Its Contemporary Structural and Geographical Contexts by George C. Bentley, Priscilla McCutcheon, Robert G. Cromley, and Dean M. Hanink


Where Are the Women? Accounting for Discrepancies in Female Doctorates in U.S. Geography by David H. Kaplan and Jennifer E. Mapes

Effects of Tree Size, Shade Tolerance, and Spatial Pattern on the Mortality of Woody Plants in a Seminatural Forest in Central Kentucky by Daehyun Kim and Julian J. N. Campbell

Open Access: Estimating Population Attribute Values in a Table: “Get Me Started in” Iterative Proportional Fitting by Nik Lomax and Paul Norman

Suburban Food Security: Walkability and Nutritional Access in Metropolitan Detroit by Elizabeth Bastian and Jacob Napieralski

Confidence and Trust in Public Institution Natural Hazards Management: Case Studies in Urban and Rural China by Alex Y. Lo, Lewis T. O. Cheung, Anna Ka-Yin Lee, and Bixia Xu

The Properties of Topological Network Connectivity Measures and Their Application to U.S. Urban Freeway Networks by Joe Weber

Modeling the Stakeholder Profile in Territorial Management: The Segarra-Garrigues Irrigation System, Spain by Sandra Ricart, Anna Ribas, and David Pavón