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The National Center for Research in Geography Education (NCRGE) is now inviting proposals to support the development of a research coordination network for transformative research in geography education.
Synopsis: This program will establish thematic research groups with the goal of advancing the implementation of the Road Map Project research agenda. Funds may be requested to catalyze group research planning and networking through research fellowships, research meetings, and research clearinghouse activities.
Eligibility: The lead Principal Investigator must be a U.S.-based researcher affiliated with a university or organization currently in the NCRGE research coordination network. International collaborators may be included in a proposed thematic research group.
Application deadline: Friday, May 13, 2016 at 5:00 pm local proposer’s time.
Funding: NCRGE anticipates the availability of $60,000 to support projects under the 2016 Transformative Research program. Proposals may request a maximum of $20,000 for projects lasting up to 12 months.
The full RFP is available at