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Contribute to Understanding a New Global Health Threat

The NSF has posted a “Dear Colleague Letter” noting the interest of the Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) program in proposals for research investigating the Zika virus.  Proposals addressing a wide range of aspects of this new global health threat are encouraged, including issues that geographers will play an important role in answering such as determining and depicting the spatial distribution of Zika virus vectors and modeling the regional to continental scale spread of the virus.  Geographers with research interests and skills in medical geography, ecological modeling, and/or spatial modeling, among others, should consider this opportunity to contribute to the research dialogue of this evolving “public health emergency of international concern” (World Health Organization).  Work proposing medical research angles (e.g. disease transmission, pathophysiology, diagnostic methods) have a different agency contact so proposals by geographers and others, and the perspective they provide, are not in direct competition with medical researchers for funding consideration.  View the full NSF letter for proposal submission information.