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Geography Education National Implementation Project
Request for Proposals

Status of K-12 Geography Education Research Project

The Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) Coordinating Committee seeks proposals from non-profits, educational institutions, or individuals to conduct guided research on the status of K-12 geography education in the US and report findings to the committee. GENIP is offering to fund up to $12,000 for research work to collect data and submit it to an online committee resource. Funding is for a 12 month period with the potential to renew for a second year of funding and research. This is an excellent opportunity to work closely with the GENIP Coordinating Committee which represents the four national geography organizations.

The goal is to collect state level data related to K-12 geography education and report the information quarterly to a shared GENIP website. The focus of the data collection may vary to cover a range of topics related to geography education such as US State Education Standards, Assessments or Curriculum, State Course of Study or Graduation requirements, Teacher Preparation and Certification in geography, textbook selections or instructional materials, or other topics proposed as a result of prior research or determined by needs of the committee. The research will need to be responsive to unforeseen policy or state-level education issues as they arise; therefore, it is critical that the researcher is able to shift focus to help inform committee responses to such issues in a timely fashion. The committee will monitor and offer formative feedback to help direct efforts for data collection as needed to help inform GENIP work.

Researchers may use the data collected for publications or graduate study work, but must credit GENIP as the funding agent. GENIP will retain the intellectual property rights to the data submitted. The researcher will be credited and retain intellectual property rights to any written reports or academic papers. Proposals should be submitted by June 10, 2015 via e-mail to GENIP Chair, Dr. Susan Heffron, at heffron [dot] susan [at] gmail [dot] com. Work would tentatively begin on July 1, 2015 and continue to June 30, 2016. Any requests for clarification or additional information should also be sent to heffron [dot] susan [at] gmail [dot] com.

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Researcher/Institution and contact information including phone, address, and e-mail
    (Institutions applying should identify the faculty member or student researcher that will do the work)
  1. Written work plan, not to exceed two pages addressing how the researcher will meet the stated goal (Paragraph 2 above). The plan should also include details such as:
    1. Possible sources for data collection and data submission (brief data management plan)
    2. Estimated work hours per week or per month
    3. Sample outline and timeline for quarterly written reports to document data collection, submission, and a briefing regarding any items of note discovered in the collection process.
    4. Sample outline for content to be included in the quarterly reports
  2. Budget for up to $12,000 per 12 months
  3. A brief resume including three references along with contact information for each