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rtpg20.v067.i01.coverThe Professional Geographer, Volume 67, Issue 1, February 2015 is now available at Taylor & Francis Online. AAG members receive free access.

This new issue contains the following articles:

  • Resourcing Scholar-Activism: Collaboration, Transformation, and the Production of Knowledge
    By Kate Driscoll Derickson & Paul Routledge
  • Land Reclamation in the Farming–Grazing Transitional Zone of Northeast China: 1644–1930
    By Yu Ye & Xiuqi Fang
  • Spatial Patterns of Seasonal Level Diurnal Variations of Ozone and Respirable Suspended Particulates in Hong Kong
    By Zhen Liu & Shouraseni Sen Roy
  • Resilience Theory and Thomas Vale’s Plants and People: A Partial Consilience of Ecological and Geographic Concepts of Succession
    By J. Anthony Stallins, Joy Nystrom Mast & Albert J. Parker
  • Forest Canopy Interception Loss Across Temporal Scales: Implications for Urban Greening Initiatives
    By John T. Van Stan II, Delphis F. Levia Jr. & R. Brett Jenkins
  • Combining Surge and Wind Risk from Hurricanes Using a Copula Model: An Example from Galveston, Texas
    By Jill C. Trepanier, Hal F. Needham, James B. Elsner & Thomas H. Jagger
  • Divergent Perspectives on Water Security: Bridging the Policy Debate
    By Patricia A. Gober, Graham E. Strickert, Douglas A. Clark, Kwok P. Chun, Diana Payton & Kristin Bruce
  • A Classification Method for Choropleth Maps Incorporating Data Reliability Information
    By Min Sun, David W. Wong & Barry J. Kronenfeld
  • Having It Both Ways? Land Use Change in a U.S. Midwestern Agricultural Ecoregion
    By Roger F. Auch & Chris Laingen
  • A Dasymetric Map of Maine Lobster Trap Distribution Using Local Knowledge
    By Christopher E. Brehme, Patrice McCarron & Heather Tetreault
  • Evaluating the Accuracy and Effectiveness of Criminal Geographic Profiling Methods: The Case of Dandora, Kenya
    By Lucy Mburu & Marco Helbich
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Milk Production in the United States
    By Guillaume Mauger, Yoram Bauman, Tamilee Nennich & Eric Salathé
  • Proximate Landscapes of Economic Inclusion in Southeastern Pennsylvania
    By Ian M. Dunham & Alec Foster

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