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Happy Holidays!

Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday

Please Consider Supporting Geography with a Tax-Deductible Gift

Happy Holidays!Tax-deductible donations to AAG Advancing Geography Funds will help the association to generate new geographic knowledge, strengthen geographic education, increase the involvement and raise the visibility of geography in science and policy making settings, and increase geographic knowledge around the world.

Gifts to AAG Advancing Geography Funds may be designated to support specific projects and initiatives, such as:

  • AAG Student Travel Fund. Your support of the AAG Student Travel Funds will help increase student participation in the AAG Annual Meeting and other professional conferences or symposia by helping defray their travel expenses.
  • AAG Public Policy Initiatives. Ensure that the AAG can effectively monitor education policy and engage in public policy with your contribution. Your support means that we will maintain eyes, ears, and a voice on Capitol Hill and within the federal agencies whose policies directly impact the future of geography.
  • Richardson Endowment for Geography’s Future. This endowment will create a long-term, stable fund that will allow the AAG to advance geography broadly in the years ahead. Interest accrued from the endowment will provide sustained resources that can be used to strengthen academic geography, provide leadership training, and ensure a means for capitalizing on unique opportunities that arise in the future.
  • And Many Others. You may also choose to support other specific projects or initiatives or make an unrestricted donation to support the areas of greatest need. A list of AAG Advancing Geography Funds is available at
The Association of American Geographers is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. 
To fulfill your pledge by cash, check or other method, please download and complete a pledge form.