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The Russian, Central Eurasian and East European Specialty Group (RCEEE SG) is pleased to announce two awards for the 2014-15 academic year.  We offer a Conference Paper Award ($150) and a Field Research Travel Award ($400). The competitions are open to all student members of the AAG. All submissions are due to the RCEEE SG Award Committee by January 30, 2015.

For the Conference Paper Award, we invite single-authored submissions from all students who will present their paper at the Annual AAG meeting or at a regional AAG meeting if attending the national meeting is impossible during the 2014-15 academic year. Submissions (5000-12,000 words, including an abstract) will be judged on their overall quality, creativity and contribution to furthering the geographical understanding of Russia, Central Eurasia or Eastern Europe. The winning paper will be forwarded to the editorial board of Eurasian Geography and Economics for possible publication following a standard review process.

For the Field Research Travel Award, we invite proposals of 8-10 pages in length for on-site research. Preference will be given to students working on a Ph.D., but excellent work at the master’s level will be considered. A dissertation proposal that has been or will be submitted and defended during the 2014-2015 academic year is acceptable. We also encourage proposals for exploratory or pre-dissertation research if a compelling case is made for field travel.

Results of the award competitions will be announced prior to the annual AAG Meeting via the RCEEE SG website and listserv, as well as by email to the awardees. Awards will be formally made at the RCEEE-SG business meeting and the winners will be invited to attend the annual RCEEE Social Function as guests of the RCEEE SG. The winners’ names and paper titles will be forwarded to the AAG for publication in the AAG Newsletter.

For additional details, please contact the RCEEE SG Award Committee Chair Megan Dixon at mdixon [at] collegeofidaho [dot] edu. During the month of January, please direct any questions to RCEEE SG Chair Nat Trumbull, nathaniel [dot] trumbull [at] uconn [dot] edu.