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The Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) is a coordinating committee representing the four national geography organizations (Association of American Geographers; American Geographical Society; National Council for Geographic Education; and National Geographic Society) on projects and communications regarding geography education. The Committee consists of representatives appointed by the four organizations. The GENIP Coordinating Committee is currently seeking nominees interested in serving as Chair of the committee.

The person serving as Chair will be responsible for coordinating and administrating the activities of the GENIP Coordinating Committee. Nominees should be knowledgeable about issues related to geography education especially at the K-12 level. The Committee has preference for a candidate with knowledge of and experience with geography education policies, state and national standards, curricula, and assessments, and other non-profit, educational organizations. This position is a part-time position to facilitate the committee’s work, monitor work on GENIP projects, and develop written responses on behalf of GENIP to issues as they arise. The Chair will receive an annual stipend that is currently set at $6,000.00 paid semi-annually in equal installments. The two-year term for Chair may be renewable as determined by the committee.

The responsibilities and duties of the GENIP Chair will include (but are not limited to):

  • Schedule meetings and conference calls and develop the agenda with input from the representatives for each meeting or call (minimum of one face-to-face meeting and three quarterly conference calls)
  • Organize the agenda for the GENIP Coordinating Committee meetings and conference calls
  • Maintain the minutes of the GENIP Coordinating Committee meetings and conference calls
  • Facilitate communication among the GENIP Coordinating Committee members
  • Solicit input from GENIP Coordinating Committee members and respond to current events and activities related to the best interests of geography education
  • Write, coordinate committee review of, and distribute GENIP correspondence including the drafting of joint statements on behalf of GENIP members
  • Conduct Committee correspondence
    • Develop and seek approval of joint statements or press releases on behalf of GENIP members
    • Disseminate committee decisions and action items following meetings and conference calls
    • Document committee approval of project funds
    • Write summary information as needed to maintain a GENIP web page
    • Provide a summary annual report to be distributed to GENIP Coordinating Committee members for proper distribution to their organizations
  • Develop and manage project applications for GENIP Coordinating Committee funding
  • Coordinate reviews of project applications by the GENIP Coordinating Committee
  • Monitor progress of project work and prepare reports on GENIP funded projects
  • Maintain a budget record of GENIP projects/activities, income, and committee approved expenditures by working with the NCGE fiscal agent
  • Submit requests for payments to NCGE for approved committee expenditures
  • Disseminate an annual budget report for the GENIP Project Funds to the Committee

Interested applicants should submit a current CV (including three references) and a cover letter addressing why they are interested in the position as GENIP Chair and describing the expertise and skills they would bring to the position. CV and cover letter should be e-mailed to heffron [dot] susan [at] gmail [dot] com. Review of applications will begin on November 30, 2014. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.