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AAG members Alida Cantor of Clark University and David Wachsmuth of New York University were each selected by the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy to receive grants for their research in the social sciences. They were among 16 scholars selected for this year’s award.

Cantor additionally earned the Martinus Nijhoff Award, a special recognition for policy implications of scientific, technological and medical research.

“This year we received 364 applications, the largest number in our fifteen-year history,” said Mary E. Curtis, Board Chair. “The sixteen applicants who are receiving awards this year represent less than 5 percent of those who applied. The Trustees consider their work on topics of social and political importance to be vibrant examples of how policy research can help us address the challenges of today’s complex society.”

  • Alida Cantor, Clark University, Department of Geography, “Dust Storms and Dying Lakes: Wastefulness, Beneficial Use, and Water Transfers in California” [Special Recognition Martinus Nijhoff Award]
  • David Wachsmuth, New York University, Department of Sociology, “Post-City Politics: US Urban Governance and Competitive Multi-City Regionalism”

About the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy

Established in 1998, the Horowitz Foundation approves approximately fifteen grants each year. Awards are for $7,500; proposals in certain targeted areas receive additional amounts. Awards are granted for policy-related research in all major areas of the social sciences. Only doctoral students whose final dissertation project has been approved are eligible to apply. Awards are approved solely on merit, and are not allocated so as to ensure a representative base of disciplines.

Research grants are open to researchers in all social science disciplines. Projects must deal with contemporary issues in the social sciences, particularly issues of policy relevance. Applicants need not be citizens of the United States, and grants are not restricted to U.S. residents.

Applications for 2014 Awards

The Foundation will begin accepting applications for 2014 awards July 1, 2014 Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals no later than December 15, 2014 in order to permit the Foundation to confirm that the proposal is complete and in the required format. The deadline for receipt of all materials for proposals for the year 2014 is January 31, 2015.  Incomplete applications will not be processed. Awards for 2014 will be announced in June, 2015.

Additional information, including a list of recipients, is available on the Horowitz Foundation website