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Minelle Mahtani (U. of Toronto) and the editors of Social & Cultural Geography initiated a tradition of writing an article celebrating the current year’s AAG Glenda Laws Awardee. Her inagural article citation is: Minelle Mahtani (2014) Toxic geographies: absences in critical race thought and practice in social and cultural geography, Social & Cultural Geography, 15:4, 359-367, DOI: 10.1080/14649365.2014.888297.

She was given the 2012 Glenda Laws Award for her outstanding research in the area of minority representation in geography, for her contributions to the Geography Faculty Development Alliance and for her use of multimedia to enhance diversity initiatives, demonstrating her outstanding efforts to encourage a more diverse discipline.

The Glenda Laws Award is administered by the Association of American Geographers and endorsed by members of the Institute of Australian Geographers, the Canadian Association of Geographers, and the Institute of British Geographers. The annual award and honorarium recognize outstanding contributions to geographic research on social issues. This award is named in memory of Glenda Laws—a geographer who brought energy and enthusiasm to her work on issues of social justice and social policy.