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Pubdoublesession“Publishing for Non-Native Speakers of English” was a presentation of two sessions held during AAG’s 2014 Tampa annual meeting. The sessions, co-organized by Mei-Po Kwan and Eric S. Sheppard, were designed to bring together editors, reviewers and authors giving perspective to publishing issues for non-native speakers of English.

Session I was chaired by Mei-Po Kwan and the panel included Helga Leitner, Bing Xu, Weidong Liu, Padraig Carmody, Barney Warf and Tim Schwanen.

Session II was chaired by Eric Sheppard and the panel included György Csomós, Annelies Zoomers, Canfei He, Henry Yeung, Kent Mathewson and Joseli Maria Silva.

The videos from each session are now available online.

Watch Publishing for Non-Native Speakers of English I

Watch Publishing for Non-Native Speakers of English II