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Through its GeoCapabilities project (, the AAG is supporting the first National Geography Youth Summit (NGYS-2014) which will be held from 9-11 June in Bangalore, India. NGYS-2014 is being organized by The Indian Institute of Geographical Studies (TIIGS). The summit’s theme is “Envisioning Geography Education for 21st Century India”.

NGYS-2014’s organizing committee consists of five geography undergraduate students from S P College, Pune who are “TIIGS Ambassadors”, with Dr Chandra Shekhar Balachandran, Founder + Director of TIIGS as mentor, and Ms Manjula Raman, Principal, Army Public School, Bangalore as host.

NGYS-2014 will bring together students, school teachers of geography, professional geographers, and general public to envision a geography education for 21st century India. The summit will include posters, papers, workshops on geography teaching and tools, panel discussions, and a cultural evening – GeoArts, where children perform geography themes in song and dance.

Registration and other details are available at